31 мая 2012 г.

New stage?

Mmmm, tomorrow is the first day of summer. I think summer means different to everyone.
For me it means graduation, having prom, holidays away and new jobs. Maybe even more!

So it is a whole new stage... Grown ups' life. 
Can't say I will have more to do than I have done already. Maybe even less when now I don't have to go to university and do study projects. But I guess everyone knows that being a student and being a graduated young (wo)man are two rather different stories.
Anyway, congratulations to all graduating students!!! And especially to Plekhanov Russian University of Economics' students. My group did very well at degree theses. And many of us will get a red diploma which means excellent study during 5 years. So we'll make our university proud ;)

Recently me and Ira attended BBQ party. The presenter was Snejana Koulova who is also a presenter of MTV Trendy. Really loved her Mary Katrantzou for TOPSHOP dress.
I couldn't resist to make such a silly picture, seriously who wouldn't?
      So, me and Ira just want to wish you great begining of summer and...
Lots of love,
Inna x

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