26 июля 2012 г.

Catching Up on weekends

It is already mid-July and me still haven't posted anything about our graduation parties. But... summer is still on, so don't lose hope!

Being incredibly busy is awesome and nice, and I don't have time to think about silly things. But at the same time I don't have time to think and analyse not silly things as well or just update the blog. Working 2-3 hours far from home is not easy, but summer sunshine at 7 am is the biggest help such sleepyhead as me could ever expect. And work took me over, I like it very much and I'm happy I can openly say it. I just wish I had more to do!
Since Greece holidays every weekend I was very busy. It were birthdays, friend's wedding and Afisha's picnic which had great headliners (Franz Ferdinand, Little Boots, Mika, Theophilus London, The Drums, Pet Shop Boys, Mos Def and so on), hanging out with friends and driving courses. As graduation, one of my best friend's wedding should get proper post with photos, so hopefully it is going to be soon. 

What causes Afisha picnic, I think I will not say much about it except that I had seen my old friend Ole from Ufa, who came specially to see Franz Ferdinand, and who I didn't see since 2009. I have nothing to criticise there but also I didn't have anyone there whose perfomance I would wait that much. Except of Theophilus London. I really love his tracks and thanks to hypem.com for it! I didn't even know how he looked like when we went to see his perfomance while Mika was perfoming on the main stage. 
But Theophilus really rocked it. He didn't do anything special but the DJ, the band and his cousin were great. And the way Theophilus moved and grooved was making the crowd feel the music and be fond of it and move with beats even if they never heard it before.

The difference between live singing of European and American artists and Russian ones is too big at the moment. Even although we have new names who can sing and can perform very well, they are not a choice of all country, and are not popular out of Russia as well.
If you never heard Theophilus London, I recommend if you like electronic djs music with hip-hop. 
The culmination of picnic was Franz Ferdinand's perfomance, obviously for everyone but me and my friends. (If only Coldplay came!)... And by reviews Lauren Hill's perfomance was amazing but we left a little bit earlier because had night birthday party of Kate who I travelled to Greece with.
That night club we went in was a road cafe in fact but it is always full, there are always dances and it's freaky funny there. That's why sometimes we go there. We didn't notice how the night turned into early morning and that we had new people at our table with even more champagne. That night will be in mind for long time :)
Thanks Afisha and thanks Kate!

At wmj stand

Inspired by hip-hop. And handsome DJ.
While Franz Ferdinand is on the scene...

Hope everyone who visited Afisha picnic enjoyed it as much or much more!
And hope you all tried dancing at Playstation stand :) photos are embarassing, but it is a huge fun.
Thinking about buying it now...

Lots of love xxx

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