16 сентября 2012 г.


How often do we lose faith in something important? What do we do after we lose it? Accept or try to revive?

Yesterday my friends took me for a walk in Sergiyev Posad, to visit some monasteries including The Trinity Lavra. I am not a religious person, but visiting Sergiyev Posad inspired me. I was there once before with school, and it stayed so beautiful in my memory.
I believe that beauty can heel and calm. And yesterday visit helped me to keep my faith.

One of the bright spots was also the Toy Museum. 5 halls and royal, Eastern or Russian national toys. We also had chance to play bulls racing. Guess who won? ;)

Little bull who participated in the racing
Almost Ulyana Sergeenko's new collection
Chernigovsky Skit

Keep faith even if everything against it.

Lots of love, xxx

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