13 ноября 2012 г.

let me see your bob

To be honest, I am not keen on beauty trends and beauty blogs. And make-up and hair trends always were something of not my scope of interest. However when I cut my long hair, I noticed how often bob hair appears on catwalks and editorial photoshoots. I still think long hair is much more feminine and makes face look prettier, but short hair is less boring and more desperate and kinda funny.
1960s bob and flapper bob are in trends for SS'13, so it maybe we will see more of it on the streets?

Here is a pickup of some people whose short hair I like and hair-cuts for inspiration for those who might hesitate about cut or not cut.
Emma Watson . Everything is good for her.

Miranda's fake bob makes her look counteradictive, but not bad

 Miroslava Duma prefers simple hair, straight or short tail

Keira Knightley has bob as her brand hair

Classic cut

Even Karlie Kloss cut her fantastic hair!

60s style
Candice Swanepoel
 Flapper bob

And of course The First Lady knows what is the best

Nice to see that even short hair might be different, although my working version is just short ponytail ;)

P.S. Lots of love,
Inna xxx

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