30 апреля 2013 г.

Photodiary. Not CHAMP20NS yet...?

Man Utd's 20th title made me finally open my winter pictures from Newcastle and West Brom. I was lucky enough to visit these joyful games, although initially I wanted to go FC United instead of West Brom game. Thanks to N. for taking care of me and so I could see my club at the boxing day and before New Year's Eve.

This May I miss all the best attractions, Chelsea game and Parade. But I do not regret much because we are champions anyway. And this is the best pleasure I could have in any corner of Earth.

Dave of Boxing Day

Lindegaard was shot by me even more times than RVP, but they both didn't want to make good photos
Newcastle game was immense and my trendy scandinavian scarf will remind me of it
At Barbakan in Chorlton trying German sausages before the game with West Brom

In "Dough" after the game a bit tired and happy
 Day finished with walk in Christmas town lightning all my happiness out

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