31 декабря 2013 г.

In The Winter Zoo

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and... I don't want to sum up this year in photo collages or my impressions - I guess this year was as hard for me as for the others. I count my years from autumn to autumn (school habit), so probably my year just recently started.
So the last blog post of 2013 will be about beautiful birds and some cat, haha.

And I wish everyone (includng all animals) happiness in all the ways in a coming 2014!

The Moscow Zoo in winter is some strange experience I've had during last weeks. I won't tell much, except that I do enjoy watching the animals, but I hate seeing them in such small spaces. 
There were not many animals, even though many of them very relocated to warm rooms, for sure, in summer you could see many more animals inside and outside. 
It hurts seeing that most of animals have total apathy in their eyes, they just don't care anymore about what happens in few metres from them. But it's better to visit the zoo rather than not! Because the money goes only to the animals' benefit, however the price in winter is much more higher than usual.

22 декабря 2013 г.

Friday Night

This Friday night my friend Olya gave a small cosy reception at her lovely place. It was a girls' night with wine, sweets and the main thing - talks! I didn't see the girls for more than three months, and even though all we did chat in social networks, nothing can replace girls' live conversation ever. 
I found myself in very festive feelings there, because the place was all decorated for the coming holidays. And I never felt anything like this at home this month, so now in my plans to put out all the things I have and try to make surroundings at least a bit looking like it's New Year in a week.
В эту пятницу моя подруга Оля принимала гостей в своей уютной квартире. Это был типичный девичник с вином, сладостями и главным - разговорами! Я не виделась с девочками больше трех месяцев, и хотя мы поддерживали связь через соцсети, ничто никогда не заменит живое общение!
Там я почувствовала себя в очень праздничном настроении, потому что все было декорировано для предстоящих праздников. Ничего подобного дома в этом месяце я не испытывала, так что теперь в моих планах достать с полок все, что у меня хранится, чтобы мое окружение хоть чуть-чуть напоминало о том, что Новый Год уже через неделю.

18 декабря 2013 г.

The Couple - Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl

There are so many beautifil celebrities dating nowadays, and I can't hide that I especially love when a couple who is in love in some movie/series starts dating in real. They date and break up and date again, and all this show business loves have disappointed me many times. But as in everything, there are exceptions.
I am talking about Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huebl
She's an it-girl and he's a model (at least he used to be), they look fantastic separately and even better when together. But it's not about the appearance, somehow through some sweet phrases and their faces in interviews and cute instrgram shots you can feel that old-fashioned sincerity and love, which you think you see only in old movies. Especially  I love his weekly Instagram photos called "Sundays", showing them spending the day happily together.
“I agree, I learn much more about her world, and I try to sneak her into what I did before, and where I come from… I think we have a very conservative, old romantic, private approach to our love.” - Johannes says in one of the interviews.“She is completely different than she’s been portrayed on her job, everyone who meets her — especially with me — is surprised about her happiness, and her friendliness and smiles.”
Recently the couple celabrated the 6th anniversary, so I included recent and old photos mostly from their simple life :)

Моя самая любимая пара в мире селебрити - это Оливиа Палермо и Йоханнес Хьюбл. Они не только умопомрачительно красивы, но и кажутся мне (через расстояния, социальные сети, интервью и прочее) очень искренними влюбленными, словно они только повстречались или как герои старого кино. 
Мне всегда приятно увидеть их фотографии в Инстаграме и СМИ, потому что я не замечаю в этом никакой показухи. Мне кажется, что наоборот, когда люди очень счастливы и делятся своим счастьем, оно "заражает", вдохновляет и заставляет улыбаться даже незнакомых людей. В этом посте я собрала и старые, и недавние снимки (в большинстве своем, из обычной жизни) моей любимой пары, чьим отношениям недавно исполнилось 6 лет.

11 декабря 2013 г.

Just Pompon, We're Going Home

While everything is total white outside, I still cannot believe how easy it's been to adapt from calm Manchester and its forever-autumn mood to Moscow and its crazy busy life, with early grumpy mornings and tiring trips home. But no matter what, it is home, and I accept it as it is, even though this city has many cons. This is like how we treat our close and beloved ones sometimes, we get angry and upset, but because they are the only real home for us, we come back. It is not a matter of choice, it is just as it is. The only question is how to understand where/what/who the real home is.

7 декабря 2013 г.

Wish Me A Marry Xmas

1. Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Finding Overalls. By Leandra Medine
2. Monsters University Sweatshirt, Sheinside
3. Nike Air Max 1 SP 'Liquid Silver'
4. Neoprene 'Ollie' Bikini by Triangl Swimwear
5. Clarisonic MIA 2, Facial sonic cleansing
6. Shoecult Ella Pump Mint by Nasty Gal
7. Off Track Planet's Travel Guide By Off Track Planet
8. Moschino iPhone bunny case
9. Diptique Verviene/Lemon candle
10. Chiara Ferragni Embroided Ants Satin Loafers
11. Jo Malone White Jasmin & Mint Cologne
12. Lucky Cropped Sweatshirt, Sheinside

Whilst surfing online-shops, I keep in mind few things I would like to add to the bag. So I made a short wish list of very affordable things I like pretty much and some of them will be the firstwhich  my money is gonna be spent on.
To be honest, I wanted to include many more grey sweatshirts, which doesn't say anything good about my taste and preferences, BUT I made good job by not including any dress. It is my soft spot and even if I am naked (not literally) and cold in winter and go to the store, somehow my eyes only look at dresses. While in everyday Moscow winter life I prefer not to wear them at all.

P.S. It's absolutely not a wish list which people usually make to let others know what they want to have as a present. I do not like it.

P.P.S. I also understand that Oozma Kappa sweatshirt is not that swag or glam, but I'm such a Monsters Uni fan that I even have its socks, no excuses!

Lots of love,
Inna xxx

3 декабря 2013 г.


I really love some spontaneous shots made by my brother which I have got only today. It is funny how many ugly faces per shoot I make! But of course I picked some which wouldn't scare you off, or I hope so at least.
Мне очень нравятся спонтанные снимки, сделанные моим братом, которые я получила лишь сегодня. Смешно, сколько рож я корчу в течение съемки! Конечно, я выбрала несколько фотографий, которые бы вас не напугали, или по крайней мере я на это надеюсь.