31 декабря 2013 г.

In The Winter Zoo

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and... I don't want to sum up this year in photo collages or my impressions - I guess this year was as hard for me as for the others. I count my years from autumn to autumn (school habit), so probably my year just recently started.
So the last blog post of 2013 will be about beautiful birds and some cat, haha.

And I wish everyone (includng all animals) happiness in all the ways in a coming 2014!

The Moscow Zoo in winter is some strange experience I've had during last weeks. I won't tell much, except that I do enjoy watching the animals, but I hate seeing them in such small spaces. 
There were not many animals, even though many of them very relocated to warm rooms, for sure, in summer you could see many more animals inside and outside. 
It hurts seeing that most of animals have total apathy in their eyes, they just don't care anymore about what happens in few metres from them. But it's better to visit the zoo rather than not! Because the money goes only to the animals' benefit, however the price in winter is much more higher than usual.

See you in 2014 ;)
Lots of love,
Inna xxx

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