19 января 2014 г.

Korean Girls of Fashion

Being in love with fashion blogs and fashion overall, I have to notice that most of my favourite bloggers are Asian girls (Nicole Warne, Olivia Lopez, Rumi Neely, Aimee Song and others). Not only 'cause I'm Asian as well, but I think Asian girls' sense of style is the closest to my preferences and taste. 
And of course, it's essential that I feel proud when see how Korean girls succeed in fashion and blogosphere! I'm not taking Korean fashion icons and fashion bloggers from South Korea, but the girls from Europe and America. And here they are...

9 января 2014 г.

Wonder Woman

This New Year party was ComicCon themed! There were not many of us, but I loved how everyone was prepared, especially the boys.
My costume was made of stuff which I already had, 'cause I didn't have time to buy special costume. The tiara and bracelets were made of hard paper and coloured with crayons and nail golden polish. I used white star stickers for the skirt to make it alike Wonder Woman's, and I was lucky to find an old red top with alike golden pattern.

My make-up was as always focusing on dark eyes except that this time I had to put bright red lipstick. But as I think my image was complete thanks to the hair which was done by my mum. It could be even more complete with the lasso and red boots but I forgot my lasso at home... and I absolutely cannot imagine why would I (or anyone else) buy high red boots haha.
In the end it came out much better than I thought it would be. And as we say in Russia, you're gonna spend the year the way you meet it... Hopefully, all year I will be mighty and strong just like Wonder Woman!

Lots of love,
Inna xxx

4 января 2014 г.

Inspiration: 2014

Happy new year! Hope it was met in a nice mood and in a friendly company, 'cause this is how I wish you to spend it!
To get more positive waves for the year, I share some of my inpirational pictures, you can consider it 2014 moodboard!
С Новым Годом! Надеюсь, вы встретили его в хорошем настроении и дружеской компании, потому что я вам желаю провести его именно так!
Чтобы поймать больше позитивных волн на этот год, делюсь с вами несколькими вдохновляющими картинками, можете считать это мудбордом* 2014 года!

Lots of love,
Inna xxx