19 марта 2014 г.

Lace & Love - Bralettes

Главным фактором при выборе нижнего белья должно быть удобство — то есть ей удобно это носить, ему — снимать. 
Эвелина Хромченко

The main factor when choosing underwear should be convenience — for her to wear it, for him to undress. 
Evelina Khromtchenko

I'm not fanatic about underwear, I prefer plain colours and simplicity... but I'm in love with bralettes. They are so retro and aesthetically beautiful, they remind me old movies and at the same time so suitable for modern basic t-shirts and shirts.

17 марта 2014 г.

Carried Away

I feel upset I haven't been posting anything for so long, however it's truth that my life mostly saw work and just usual leisure moments. I guess, it's also been a mess inspite of appearance of total dullness. And I did have lots and lots of thoughts past weeks and still cannot understand many things. Although... The best moments stay with us no matter what, and the best feelings will never leave.

What causes daily things, yesterday Saturday was a great day when my bff's birthday party was a good reason to meet old friends. And while singing a few songs in karaoke from our past which really made us friends, it carried me away back in time to summer 2010 before my life rapidly changed. A very important person was still alive, I was careless and full of dreams about career and love. It was summer from Hollywood youth comedies and sometimes I wish I would freeze in that time.

The best moments however, stayed uncaptured as it always happens. Looking at the photos, once again I think  - The best moments stay with us no matter what, and the best feelings will never leave.