13 июня 2014 г.

London. Photo diary, pt. 1

London gave me a great reception, and these vacations let me forget all my daily worries and just hang out and enjoy beautiful life. Some nights were sleepless and restless, some were full of dreams, but days were always full of new impressions. I was free of visting the same traditional sightseeings like Big Ben and London Bridge, so I mostly walked wherever I wanted and visited lots of amazing exhibitions including Pradasphere in Harrods and both Italian Fashion & Wedding Dresses in Victoria&Albert Museum (about it in later posts), and it's not bad at all not to have any plans for a day and just decide where I want to go right  in the morning. People who love planning and feel better having everything in control, you know... sometimes it's just good to follow the flow. And just see what's around the riverband (yes, I quote Pocahontas).

I loved all visited places (even Emirates stadium of AFC was ok). Hopefully, it's not the last time in this country but obviously at least for a while I need to choose new distances for my trips.

Lots of love, Inna xxx

Used photos are by iPhone and from Sherlock Holmes museum, L'eto cafe, Victoria&Albert musem, Trafalgar Square, Piccadilly, London Eye, Kirkwood, St.James Lake, Harrods, Emirates Stadium, Disney Store

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