22 июля 2014 г.

London. Photo diary, pt. 2

I can't fight my love to England. 

All my life England seemed so cold and boring to me. I never ever wanted to visit it (as America), but when I did, I had mixed feelings. So damn cold! Why don't they spend money on heating? Why is it so much colder than in Russia when the temperature is like 20 degrees higher? Why do they still use hot-water bottles like my aunt once did at her big house when I was a child and thought "we are not poor, eh"? Why nobody works after 5 pm? Why supermarkets don't work on Sundays?  Why girls wear such clothes when their stores are full of amazing fashionable things? Whys, whys and whys?

After living in busy noisy Moscow, calm life in industrial red-bricked Manchester had to make me love it in a way. Things quite changed when I saw London. That was England I never knew. Full of buzzing life, students, businssmen, fashionstas. Beautiful architecture, warm weather, people from all over the world! That's what is definitely not calm and boring! Things changed again when I saw York. City, calmer and even smaller than Manchester, with great but very few places. And that's what I thought was real England from my books.
But still when I was thinking of Great Britain I saw only grey colour and felt goosebumps from coldness.
Today I thought that most of the things I have ever loved were English. I love English music, I can read Austen and Bronte endlessly, I love so many English actors and films and tv shows and I love English football. This country gave me the most of such kind of things which I love.
Usually we have so many links with the homeland and we love it because it gave us so much and because we didn't have a choice. We just were where we were.
But England is my mothercountry which gave me so much but also gave me a choice.

I'm thankful for May holidays to my friend Kate who was a great host 

Lots of love
Inna xxx

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